In-Clinic Diagnostics

When pets are sick and not feeling well, it is important to gather as much information about their health condition as quickly as possible so that we can start treatment right away. Moses Animal Clinic maintains an in-clinic diagnostic laboratory equipped with the latest technology that allows us to get results quickly and accurately.

Our in-house diagnostic capabilities enable us to conduct comprehensive blood chemistry panels, a complete blood count (CBC), check electrolyte status and thyroid function, parasite and heartworm testing, urinalysis, fecal, and more. We can run in-house blood work for sick patients and process the results in 20-30 minutes. We also have digital radiography available in-house that allows us to take clear, accurate images quickly and efficiently. This quick turnaround time means that we can provide a diagnosis and treatment right away for critical cases or patients with injuries.

Physical examinations alone do not provide a complete picture of an animal’s health condition. For this reason, as well as the fact that animals are very good at hiding signs of illness, we recommend annual checkups and bloodwork. Recognizing the early onset of disease and catching it in its early stages gives your pet the best chance of recovery. Our wellness test results for seniors and other pets are available typically within 2 days. Should your pet need any specialty testing, we routinely overnight samples to outside labs.

We want to keep your pets healthy and happy from their puppy and kitten stage to their senior years.